Attack of adult eagle

On the first day I saw special behaviour of eagles.
Never seen this before. Usually the raven wait when eagles eat prey and chase after the eagles.
But here it was opposite. Eagles land on the ground near prey and were watching untill raven had a piece of prey. Then the eagles went chasing after the ravens!

zeearend en raaf vliegen door de lucht zeearend kijkt naar raaf boven zich. Beide vliegen in de lucht

Also an adult eagle attacked from the sky a juvenile eagle sitting on the ground.
It was afterwards unfortunately the only attack I saw and the picture isn’t quite sharp (see below).
But I want to show you the attack.

volwassen arend valt vanuit de lucht een jonge arend aan die op de grond zit
Despite that I had a great time and in the days after I could make
some beautiful (and sharp) pictures.

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