Raven, magpie, buzzard, eagle and forester?

The first day in shelter it was cloudy and temperature between -4 and +3 Celsius.
I was in shelter with a nice Scotsmen (from origin Italian). We had to wait till raven, magpie or buzzerd started to eat explained meat. If raven don’t eat meat, the eagles don’t come or land on the ground. We had to be quiet, don’t use light in shelter and pay special attention not to move camera lens before raven eating meat. Thats not a guarantee but gives the best chance of succes to get eagles in front of shelter.
We both kept us at the rules. Raven, magpies and buzzards started early to eat the meat. Yes finally. Would the eagles come?
Whe heared two eagles somewhere in the tree but couldn’t see them.
Raven were very on guard. Why?

aantal raven op grond

buizerd land tussen raven met vleugels open

Because forester were working from 07.00 till 03.00 pm in the woods!! They made a lot of noise.
Two eagles flew in the early morning by. But the didn’t land on the ground. We sent Marcin a massage (he tried to contact forester) but for today he couldn’t do anything. Luckily he was able to arrange something for the other days.

After forester left at 03.00 pm four eagles landed on the ground. Two adults (one was very beautiful) and two juvenile. Unfortunately to far away behind a bump…… But one juvenile flew a little towards shelter and landed near. Another adult eagle attacked him from the sky. We could take our first photos from eagles. Adult and juvenile. Light conditions were not optimal but we were happy eagles showed themselves.

volwassen arend vliegend door de lucht

volwassen arend met witte staart vliegt door de lucht

jonge zeearend land tusen raven

jonge zeearend op de grond tussen raven en op achtergrond vliegen eksters

More pictures to follow later.
I have to select them yet.

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